We focus on the telecommunications, banking and media sectors, closely linked to four fields of expertise.
Atlas Management has successfully realised numerous projects in recent years. During this time, procuring benefits for the client was always the focus of our work.

Description of our different competencies and temperaments

The multi-disciplinary Atlas Management team doesn’t just work together – it works as an ensemble. And that’s what makes all the difference.

Thinking and navigating in close interaction

Led by one responsible partner, Atlas Management works on site in a team. Traditional consultancy skills merge with active experience in the client’s business sector, which yields a clearly superior service.

Neither brilliant university graduates without practical experience in the industry, nor industry ‘old timers’ without the necessary analytical flexibility can match the service we offer – of this we are sure.

That’s why our team includes only consultants with many years’ experience at the highest level of management consulting (at McKinsey, for example). Moreover, most of our employees also have experience as industrial managers, entrepreneurs, business founders or even crisis managers.

Our requirements concerning experience and analytical abilities of our employees might limit our growth in the short term, but they also stand guarantor for our impeccable track record. Atlas Management’s partners Dr Michael Gordon, Dr Joachim Seifert and Peter Seipp are here to make sure things stay that way.

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