The multi-disciplinary Atlas Management team doesnít just work together. It works in sync.
Atlas Management has successfully realised numerous projects in recent years. During this time, procuring benefits for the client was always the focus of our work.

Itís a matter of record. The majority of mergers and major IT projects fail. Long-standing erroneous trends in management are not easily remedied. But do things really have to be this way?

Not according to our experience.

Working in close co-ordination with management, and the right team can make a big difference. Even difficult mergers and IT mega-projects can be successfully completed if experience and stringent process discipline are brought to bear.

From our standpoint, what counts is a keen, analytical view of a project's development, timely escalation in critical situations, and the ability to make tough, sometimes painful decisions.

Neither analytically strong but inexperienced teams of consultants, nor experienced but analytically inflexible practitioners are adequately prepared for these situations. Atlas Management's specific team approach combines the best of both. Our track record demonstrates the success of this combination.

Atlas Management's industrial focus includes the telecommunications, banking and media sectors. The following four fields represent our core areas of expertise:

Strategic consulting and large project management Interim and turnaround management

  • Classic consulting, supplemented by experience in the industry and in-depth market knowledge
  • Solid experience with large projects, particularly with the management of large IT suppliers
  • A track record of success in supporting mergers, IT mega-projects and large outsourcing projects

  • In-depth knowledge of relevant markets and industries
  • Extensive experience in cost reduction, market expansion and sales promotion
  • Atlas Managementís remuneration aligned with clientís economic objectives
  • Proven results both in crisis situations and in realising growth scenarios

Business building and market entry Corporate transactions

  • Intimate knowledge of the industry and solid networking across the entire value chain
  • A portfolio of services encompassing everything from business planning and strategic analysis, to operative business development
  • A track record of success in developing new businesses and business fields

  • Support in corporate transactions and the organisation of complex services (outsourcing, IT contracting)
  • Preparation, monitoring and assessment of due diligence
  • Effective support in negotiations, with particular attention devoted to value-creating parameters
  • An established track record at both ends of sales transactions

Atlas Management is completely independent. Our sole commitment is to value creation for our clients. This is how we measure our success, and this is why we assume economic responsibility.

Why do we do this? The answer is simple: we pursue our work with pure conviction and passion.

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