Dr Joachim Seifert
Head of Atlas Management Banking Practice. Specialisation: banking operations.
Peter Seipp
Head of Atlas Management Media Practice. Specialisation: banking and telecommunications.

Responsible partners Dr Joachim Seifert
Peter Seipp
Functional activities
  • Large project management
  • Supplier management
  • Efficiency boosting
  • Make-or-buy decisions
  • Negotiation support (e.g., outsourcing contracts)
Hot topics in the industry Cost reduction in banking operations:
The banking sector, especially in Germany, is under enormous pressure to reduce cost. A number of concrete measures are available to achieve this goal:
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Centralising work units, creating synergies of scale
  • Making organisation and work cycles process-oriented
  • Standardisation and automation of products and procedures
  • Outsourcing of support functions and operational processes

Modernisation/professionalisation of IT resources:
Many institutes struggle with inflexible legacy systems and inefficient IT processes. This raises urgent questions:
  • Replacement of obsolete core systems with proprietary solutions vs. standard solutions
  • Development of IT architecture: homogenous system environment vs. fast realisation of business benefits
  • Professionalisation of in-company IT departments vs. outsourcing of IT services
  • IT outsourcing vs. business process outsourcing

Outsourcing and/or offshoring are common options that also pose numerous questions:
  • Defining the scope: competition-related processes vs. commodities
  • "Clean-up"/consolidation prior to outsourcing or have the outsourcer do this
  • Contract terms: Performance indicators, bonus/malus clauses, liability issues, etc.
  • Professionalisation requirements for outsourcing, e.g. development of “retained organisation,” assignment and change processes.
  • Offshoring: Evaluation of losses due to cultural and communication barriers vs. cost benefits
Special expertise Atlas Management has extensive project management experience in all of the above-mentioned business areas:
  • Thanks to many years’ experience in banking operations, we are able to help institutions improve their cost position.
  • Atlas Management possesses proven know-how in all issues of banking IT and can work together with clients to quickly develop and implement effective solutions.
  • We have provided guidance and support for some of the largest outsourcing deals in the banking sector.

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