We focus on the telecommunications, banking and media sectors, closely linked to four fields of expertise.
Atlas Management has successfully realised numerous projects in recent years. During this time, procuring benefits for the client was always the focus of our work.

Peter Seipp

Director of Atlas Management Media Practice; area of expertise: banking and telecommunications.

Previous experience
Co-founder and Executive Director of AG, where he managed the pan-European development of the first major mobile payment system with over 800,000 customers.

Business administration studies, University of Cologne.

Foreign languages: English, French
Where would you most like to live?
Anywhere I can surround myself with interesting and amiable people around me.

Who is your favourite historical figure?
Alexander the Great.

Which fault are you most willing to forgive?
Lack of caution.

Who is your favourite painter?
William Turner

Your favourite composer?
Edvard Grieg, Freddy Mercury

Your favourite poet?

Your favourite author?
John Irving

What three books would you most recommend?
  • Signal & Noise by John Griesemer – as a reminder that progress is not something that happens all by itself.
  • Abgefahren by C. Merz and K. Schubert – to show how a change in perspective can open up new options.
  • Und da kam Frau Kugelmann by Minka Pradelski –literary proof that positive thinking works.

Why are you a partner at Atlas Management?
So that I can be truly successful, working with the right people and for the right clients.

What other goals do you hope to achieve?
Professional: I would like Atlas Management to be able to function without me, yet continue to be able to pay me.
Personal: To travel from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego by motorcycle.

How would you like to spend your retirement?
Restoring vintage automobiles, exploring unfamiliar corners of the world and soaking up the sun.

What is your favourite activity, apart from working?
Travelling – preferably by motorcycle.

What is your motto?
Strength lies in inner peace.

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