Atlas Management demands a great deal, but also provides the opportunity to learn and grow at an above-average rate.

Mission statement
Our main goal at Atlas Management is to actively develop and increase our clients’ assets.

We are committed to the following principles in pursuing this goal.

Oriented towards top management
At Atlas Management, we work directly for our client’s management team or its proprietors, and focus on the issues that are pivotal for the business and will ultimately add value to the organisation.
As entrepreneurs and decision makers, our consultants have gained many years of experience in established top-management consulting firms. Because they understand their clients’ priorities so well, they can work closely with the management team to develop and implement effective solutions.

Performance-based fee arrangements
Atlas Management takes financial responsibility for its work and wants to be judged by its results. The success of an assignment is related to specific milestones that directly influence the desired value increase of an organisation.
We let our clients judge the quality of our work for themselves and allow them to make their own decisions regarding the granting of incentives. We do this because we strongly believe that trust is an essential prerequisite for success.

Long-term approach
Atlas Management aims to create long-term assets for and with its clients. For this reason, we concentrate on the central issue of creating value and actively withdraw from areas in which our productivity declines as the project progresses. This includes transferring know-how to the client organisation and coaching its employees.
We do this because long-term joint success is more important to us than the short-term sale of man-hours.

Experienced teams
Atlas Management employs only experienced team players. It does not take advantage of the “leverage effect” like so many consulting firms that send out inexperienced consultants.
Our desire is to work with our clients on an equal footing as we develop and implement solutions. The teams we provide consist of experienced managers. You will not have to explain your business to them first, yet they possess all the analytical detachment required to develop innovative approaches.

Atlas Management “belongs” to its active partners and is therefore completely independent of corporations, financial investors, IT suppliers, and other interests. This enables us to represent your interests without bias.
Our only standard is our joint success.

Focus on core areas of expertise
Atlas Management maintains a clear focus on those areas in which its partners and managers have earned a track record of success.
We will not subject you to experiments. Instead, we’ll put our experience to work for your benefit.

All Atlas Management employees are committed to rigorous standards of professionalism.
At Atlas Management, we keep all client information strictly confidential, and we do not allow our employees to assist businesses that compete with our clients.

For us, these principles are not constraining; they are the natural result of our commitment to creating and increasing value for our clients.

You can take us at our word.

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