We focus on the telecommunications, banking and media sectors, closely linked to four fields of expertise.
The multi-disciplinary Atlas Management team doesn’t just work together. It works in sync.

Core objective
Operative executive management with an eye to
  • Substantially increasing sales by opening up new market segments
  • Expanding market share
Our role and contribution
Atlas Management assumed complete responsibility for managing the company's business operations in German-speaking countries.

Operative management
  • Improvement of cost structures through product standardisation and infrastructure sharing
  • Re-focusing market activities and establishing new distribution channels
  • Expansion into new markets

Development of a portfolio of value-added services
  • Revision and streamlining of product range
  • Supplementing the company’s commodity product (bandwidth) with value-added services in collaboration with resellers
  • Introduction of advanced price models

Financial holding development and management
  • Co-ordination of business strategy with the European parent company and other subsidiaries
  • Co-ordination of financial and legal services providers
  • Optimal use of the corporate group's internal synergy potential

Size of Atlas team
2–3 consultants

Special challenges
  • Major upheavals in the satellite market were causing the client's sales and profits to stagnate, which led to unsatisfactory forecasts.
  • Pressure on profit margins: Bandwidth, the client's core product, is becoming a commodity service.
  • Competition from new providers and substitutes: In the company's core business area of television, broadcasters have been churning out more and more to alternatives such as DVB-T and IPTV.
  • Corporate communications: The complex demands of co-ordinating activities within a multinational corporation had to be taken into consideration.

A sustainable positive development of outcomes:
  • Introduction of new product lines with partners
  • Growth that is substantially higher than average
  • A massive increase in the volume of orders
  • Above-average contribution to the corporate group's profits

Current status and prospects
Now that the company's market position has been successfully stabilised and expanded, the next challenge is to establish the client as the market leader on the German and Central European markets.

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