We focus on the telecommunications, banking and media sectors, closely linked to four fields of expertise.
The multi-disciplinary Atlas Management team doesn’t just work together. It works in sync.

Core objective
Development of a global distribution network of a new TV channel for a manufacturer of consumer goods for brand management purposes.
Our role and contribution
In line with the client's goals, Atlas Management developed a worldwide rollout plan optimally tailored to the client's brand management needs:

Evaluation of target markets:
  • Detailed study of infrastructures, regulations and current conditions.
  • Market arbitrage based on market entry cost aspects.

Business planning:
  • Detailed cost structure projections for technology, distribution and marketing.

Operating concept:
  • Planning for an international rollout and validation of cost assumptions through benchmarking.

Multi-level market entry plan:
  • Derivation of various alternatives for prompt implementation.
  • Conducting “anonymous” conversations with central players to validate plans.

Risk analysis:
  • Preparation of a risk statement based on empiricism and concrete figures.

Size of the Atlas team
2 consultants

Special challenges
  • Completely new business sector for a client originally from an unrelated industry
  • Adapting strategy to the client's usual operating methods

  • Implementation of the client's innovative ideas in the proposed plan.
  • Precise definition of resource utilisation and timing, which allowed the client arbitraging with alternative marketing options.

Current status and prospects
The client was provided with a solid basis for taking a “make-or-buy” decision, and which reflected all of the significant variables.

The next challenge will be to implement the concept for the broadcast station (in particular, to develop a global distribution apparatus and to make the contents available) in accordance with client’s decision.

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